It’s easier to be in shape than to get in shape.

It’s easier to be in shape than to get in shape.

It’s easier to be in shape than to get in shape.


Ever heard that before? Wonder if it’s true? Not sure where I first heard this but it teaches a few pretty interesting principles that hopefully make some kind of mental shift for you.


First off I want you to think about this phrase in other aspects of your life besides just fitness. This concept applies to lots of things; getting out of bed early, eating healthy, working hard… in the end its sums up to more of a phrase like “it’s easier to have a habit than to create a new one.”


It’s not that being in shape is an inherently hard thing to do, its just that those that have developed the habits to be in good shape have been following a habit so routinely that their habit has molded them till they have become a person that does what it takes to stay in shape with little effort.


Think about it this way – when a plane takes off it has to make an enormous effort to get you and everyone else off the ground, but when the plane reaches cruising altitude, the plane is more or less able to coast in the thin air with much less effort.


The same principle applies for getting into shape – it’s the habits you build that carry you when you’re cruising. You want to make it to the next level up in your training – there are likely some new habits and more effort required for you to operate at that next level.
Okay, now that you understand the plane example – forget it, because your body operates nothing like a plane. Your physical body makes small adaptations based on what you do everyday. You are the result of the collective habits including physical, eating and emotional routines you’ve directed your body and mind to do up to this point.


As you start following a more consistent exercise routine no matter what it is, your body is going to start changing in all sorts of ways. Your metabolism will likely make a shift. Your nervous system is going to adapt along with your muscles and cardiovascular system regardless of what type of exercise you do.


So you want to be in shape? Instead of attacking that goal with the mindset of reaching the plateau of getting into shape it’s more effective in the long-run to develop the lifestyle of healthy habits. One of the easiest ways to get started with a healthy lifestyle is with a planned out easy to follow nutrition program. Take a peek to see what may work for you here and as always feel free to email with any questions you have.

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